Impact of IT in Uganda

Flag of UgandaIT is one of most widely used technologies in the world today and is continues to expand and develop. It has spread to many parts of the world so you shouldn’t be surprised if ‘google’ is a known term in the middle of nowhere.The impact of IT, specifically in Uganda, has caused the country to develop its technologies with the help of volunteering countries, and have made use of them for convenience.


Like with any country, IT has caused some jobs to falter while allowing new jobs to rise. Companies in production which now produce products through the use of machines which yields more products that what could be done by hand. Another increasing technology used in Uganda is mobile money which is basically what the name states. Over 5% of the population in Uganda have bank accounts and with the use of mobile money, it has become an easy way to transfer credit to mobiles to people who have bank accounts and those who do not.


Over the past years, Uganda has had an increase in the amount of people who use the internet; along with this, an increase in social media and social networking sites are being used.In 2012 there was an estimate of about 340,000 Ugandans who have accounts on Facebook and who use emails.

Mobile phones have also pioneered the means of communicating in Uganda. Now with multiple mobile operators established, mobile phones have been used to communicate, for leisure and personal purposes such as for playing media files and holding personal information.


IT has been introduced in many aspects of the society. Computers are being used in:

  • Homes – To access the internet, play games, and work-related tasks.
  • Offices – To process work documents and communicate with other co workers or customers.
  • Hospitals – To log data, perform various operations, and send information between sources.
  • Schools – To log any student records and information which may include assignments, grades, attendance, etc. They may also be used to display topics to students which the teacher can teach from.
  • Internet Café – Usually provide internet access to customers at a certain rate or for free.



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